St. Nicholas’ Day
by MrCule, 06/12/16

Dear community! 

We decided to give you some small gift. All of the players have received 30 vote points which can be use in our store.

Have a good day!

Double XP Weekend
by Raphael, 25/11/16

On Friday, 25th of November, at 18:00 CET, "Double XP Weekend" Event starts!

by Raphael, 18/11/16

At night from 18th to 19th of November the server will be offline with a announcement one hour prior shutdown. We will be implementing changes to the core, new movemaps, world update and a lot of other fixes.

Connection issues
by Raphael, 18/11/16

If you're having issues logging into the server, please change realmlist from

set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl
set realmlist

Server is currently undergoing maintenance in preparation for a huge update.

Account registration will be turned off approximately till 4 p.m.

Uptime: 1d. 5h. 43m. 26s.  |  Players: 348
set realmlist logon.sunwell.ch