The Eye of Eternity!
by MrCule, 15/01/17

Hey folks!

We would like to announce that The Eye of Eternity will be opened in the following week. Be ready to tackle the Malygos in the fortress in the centre of Coldarra!


Transfers from Hellground
by MrCule, 04/01/17

We would like to announce that transfer portal for players from Hellground server has been enabled!

The players can transfer just a one character at 70 level and after verifying the data they will get:

- 70 lvl character with basic gear according to class and specialization;
- 4x bags
- proffesions at 375 skill
- expert riding
- little sack of gold

Please submit an application here: http://sunwell.pl/transfer

Remember that you can transfer only 70 level character.

Start of PvP and PvE seasons
by MrCule, 18/12/16

Hey folks!

We would like to announce that PvP Season 5 will start next week - December 23, 2016 . Additionally we are going to release Vault of Archavon 10 to give you a chance of collecting equipment for great battles in the new year!

PvE season which includes Naxxramas, The Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon 25 will start on January 5, 2017!

St. Nicholas’ Day
by MrCule, 06/12/16

Dear community! 

We decided to give you some small gift. All of the players have received 30 vote points which can be use in our store.

Have a good day!

Double XP Weekend
by Raphael, 25/11/16

On Friday, 25th of November, at 18:00 CET, "Double XP Weekend" Event starts!

Uptime: 1d. 16h. 43m. 13s.  |  Players: 1036
set realmlist logon.sunwell.ch