Tough decision
by Crysis, 11/09/16

Dear players,

Following recent events and downfall of Theatre of Dreams, we had to think about our future. What do you need? What do you want? Sunwell.pl was once a Polish server, along with Theatre of Dreams. After fall of those two, Polish players didn't have their place in WotLK scene. They jumped to ToD when they relaunched, and even though it was an international server, we all know how it really was.

We've made a tough decision - Sunwell.pl will remain a Polish server. We couldn't do anything to prevent our playerbase to be 90% Polish and, honestly, we don't want to. If you want to play, feel free to play. Support will remain Polish and English, but our Forums and Fanpage will not have English section.

Sunwell Team.

by staff, 21/08/16

We didn't answer your questions about release of the server for quite a long time. We were waiting with this information until reactivation of the website. We were able to reconstruct it as it was before. From today you can browse the changes we introduced in the Changelog. 



Do you remember the emotions and expectations during Wrath of the Lich King release? November 13, 2008. The sleepless nights, fascination with the new content, the new class, race to the world firsts. This year, 8 years will pass since the first time we were able to step our feet in Northrend. Therefore we announce the date of November 13, 2016 as the official release of our server.



Why so long? We want to commemorate 8 years of this wonderful expansion. In addition, the waiting time will let us precisely test and optimize all the configuration and modifications of both the hardware and the software.


In conclusion, we start at 13 November 2016. Server will be x1 progressive. We start the same as we did 8 years ago. Special progress system, which manages available spawns, available loot, vendors - it automates gameplay and minimizes possibility of making mistakes. Currently account creation is disabled, but it will be unlocked as the forum starts.


Stay tuned,

Sunwell Team

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