Changes made on 2017/01/20
Fix for [Quest] Galen's Escape #497
Fix for [BOSS] Bloodlord Mandokir #516
Fix for [INSTANCE][BOSS]Kael'thas Sunstrider #549
Fix for [QUEST] Blackfathom Villainy #550
Fix for [SPELL] Gouge a Shield Block #557
Fix for [QUEST] Convocation at Zol'Heb [12730]
Fix for [Quest] Torgos! #472
Changes made on 2017/01/19
Update commands
Changes made on 2017/01/18
Ticket message
Grobbulus Mutating typo.
Eternity EoV loot at [Alexstrasza's Gift]
Enable Eye of Eternity
Remove commit 02eb350 due to c2051a4
Remove commit 9a158cb - all old sunwell updates already has been added to our world structure!
Final Naxxramas update, some performance, white spaces, revert 10 man mode to Blizzlike.
fix for Sludge Belcher respawn timer.
Kelthuzad fix for guardian of icecrown and update timers.
Maexxna update timers of 25 man.
build fix
Faerlina fix for summons chain pull
Changes made on 2017/01/16
Proof of Demise emblems update.
Fixes for EoE
Fix for Malygos - power sparks stop moving at root or stun state + correct immune mask.
Changes made on 2017/01/15
Fix for possible crash of commit acc781c and c530b33
Dark Portal event, also revert Pit Commander spawn point change and fix for issue #168 [NPC] Wrath Master
Reset CD at duel start also in Dalaran.
Changes made on 2017/01/14
Move Pit Commander (18945) out of questing area to his rightful spawn point.
Fix for issue #231 [NPC][Quest] Fiora Longears by Shonsu
Fix for issue #145 [INSTANCE][NPC] Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard - nadprogramowy boss
Fix for issue #63 [QUEST]Pyrewood Ambush
Fix; DurabilityPointLoss issue
Reset CD at Duel even if only one player is in req area.
Arena Masteer at Elwynn Forest and Durotar sql file
Typo of CD at Duel
Implement Duel reset cd for ElwynnForest and Durotar map.
Implement EventBonusXP config - for events etc.
Instance unbind me, for GM's usage. (sql)
Instance unbind me, for GM's usage.
Changes made on 2017/01/13
Fix for #479 by Shon-su
Fix for issue #496 [NPC] Atalai Priest
Fix for issue #504 [STEADY SHOT][HIERLOOM BOW]
Fix for issue #441 (AUCTION HOUSE)
Fix for issue #495
Fix for #532 Kalecgos Spectral Rift
Fix for issue #514
Fix for #535, author Shon-su
Fix for issue #533
Changes made on 2017/01/11
Patchwerk frenzy typo.
Living poison update.
Patchwerk hateful strike.
Gluth room position update final
Gluth room position update
Gluth door fix
Naxxramas generic fixes. Preparing to clean up code.
Fix build.
Gluth combat issue, a litte clean up
Fix for hunter flare , close issue #523
Fix for unstuck command (correction for previous permissions)
Timothy Jones update.
Channel password only for GM's
Channel kick or ban only for GM's
Typo of previous commit
Fix for friend status gm accounts.
Fix for Maexxna door open after wipe.
Fix for not spawning naxxramas orb.
Kel'thuzad frostbolt update
Kel'thuzad update another part
Kel'thuzad update
Sapphiron update
Horseman mark update
Horseman update + fix possible crash fix on void zone.
Gothik summons update.
Gothik update.
Razuvious update.
Loatheb Berserk timer.
Loatheb update final.
Loatheb update (death bloom).
Loatheb update.
Heigan update.
Noth - Shadow Shock typo.
Noth - Shadow Shock update.
Plagued Guardian - Arcane explosion update
Noth update buff update.
Changes made on 2017/01/10
- fix achievement statistic;
- add donate: przelewy24 with sms (only for develpment to test part.3);
- fix RaF system part.5 (version with raf link - testing);
- new repo with forum/website modification;
- fix server status;
- add ucp premium active;
- add module transfer;
- fix armory;
- add support wotlk.openwow tooltip;
- repeair shop panel;
- fix show panel visual bug;
- fix register page;
- optimization module multi language;
Maexxna update Pison Shock damage.
Maexxna update Web spray damage.
Maexxna update.
Update Faerlina (rain of fire damage)
Update Faerlina adds (berserker charge)
Fix build
Update Faerlina buff
Premium time update by Soulless
Unstuck command update.
Implement unstuck command + naxx updates of Anub
Thaddius adds health, berserk timer.
Thaddius adds. static field damage.
Thaddius update. final.
Thaddius update. PolarityDamage.
Premium time fix by Soulless
Uptime: 19h. 18m. 45s.  |  Players: 288
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