Ahoy, community!

Hallow's End has just begun - it will last till October 31!

Happy achievement hunting and good luck with the mount!

Comments (0) by MrCulé on 2017/10/18

Startbox is eventually on!

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/jCeuHBOaj-s

Click Startbox button (it's on the left!) to learn more!

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/10/14
We present one of the most advanced transmogrification system you've ever seen!

This system that contains of four specific models will be absolutely boost to player's activity and provide you even more comfortable game experience.

Enjoy your watching: https://youtu.be/nQ3EVnJsBCs

Comments (0) by MrCulé on 2017/10/07

Hello, Northcraft community!

Many of you didn't have your characters transferred due to too low /played. Remember - such players can receive free, welcoming Sunwell Coins, which will allow you to get to level 80 even faster. You just have to write to us on Facebook or Discord. We will adjust the website and the forum for English speaking players. If you encounter any problems, just visit our Discord(https://discord.gg/UuwQZdd), we're always there to help you out.

Comments (0) by MrCulé on 2017/09/30