Angrathar: Summary!

Hi Angrathar community!

At the moment of writing this news, Angrathar is 42 days old and has already reached more than 5000 players online simultaneously! So, the time has come for a first summary. This news is pretty long, so if you want to read everyting we would like to share with you, just click "Read More" in the bottom left corner of this news.

1. The first PvE and PvP content has been already released!

We're quite satisfied with launch days of the main raids. They were smooth, but obviously we made some mistakes; we'll do our best to avoid them in the future. Raids seem to be properly tuned and present the real challenges for most of Angrathar community (cough, playing ironically, cough). We hope the progress to be exceptionally interesting and to give you a lot of fun.

2. Deadly Gladiator Season

PvP season must last analogically to PvE season and it might cause an issue concerning a number of arena points players can gain. The first season will be definitely the shortest and therefore we decided to increase a daily number of arena points you can gain from Random Battleground (blizzlike: 25 for the first victory, currently: 50 for the first victory).

3. Ulduar! When?!

We are perfectly aware that most of PvE players are waiting for the most epic raid of WotLK expansion: Ulduar! We'll make a great effort to meet your expectations related to the prison of the Old God, Yogg-Saron. We have absolutely enough time to boost the Hard Modes difficulty properly, and put a formidable challenge ahead of you. You can expect the release of new PvE and PvP seasons in May/June 2018.

At the end of this news, we would like to thank all the players for the trust and support in the first months. We'll never let you down - promise.

Sunwell Team


Przwidujecie może połączenie 2 realmow w jeden by Ilosc graczy była sumą dwóch realmow na jednym? Badz też transfer postaci z feronis na Angrathar? Zdecydowanie wole grać tam, gdzie jest wiekszy Online. Pozdrawiam!