We inform that exact in 14 days we will wipe all characters below level 50 that were not used in the past 3 months (or longer).

If any of you want to save the character, regardless of the low activity, you have to login on that character once you see the announcement.

Comments (0) by MrCulé on 2017/10/06

23 days left to release Onyxia's Lair! 

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Grand Crusader Realm First! 

Comments (0) by MrCulé on 2017/10/02

Hello. Since we have went international, some changes regarding the forums had to be made - it's about forums visibility.

More info: CLICK

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/09/24

Today the website will go off for few minutes due to upgrade of the machine. Maximum offline time will be 20 minutes. We are sorry for the inconveniance.

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/09/21

PvE season has started, but PvP season is yet to begin!

The gladiators have their season open in two days. Today is the last arena point flush and tomorrow closing of PvP leaderboard!

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/09/14

The Online counter pointed at 2100 players online at the evening! The clip from new content launch can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/uVGyJFees_4 

We'd also like if you'd subscribe us on our YouTube channel! 

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/09/14

As you see, the clock is ticking. There's 2 days before opening of Trial of the Crusader. We were working quite a long time on this raid, you could check every fix yourself thanks to that the raid, without loot, was available on the main realm.

We remind you about our forum thread about the new PvP season: http://bit.ly/2x4LCig (you need to have a forum account).

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/09/12

W naszym changelogu pojawiła się kolejna porcja zmian! Highlord Kruul ma nowe ścieżki, Bazar i Slave Market są wtopione doskonale w świat Azeroth i oczywiście poprawki klasowe oraz poprawki do Trial of the Champion. Prace nad Trial of the Crusader idą pełną parą, co zobaczyć można w changelogu.

Pozdrawiamy i życzymy miłej gry.

Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/08/09

Kolejna paczka poprawek w changelogu. Znajdziecie w niej poprawki związane z pvp jak i zmiany w kontekście nadchodzącego contentu Call of Crusade. Cała paczka w zakładce changelog.


Comments (0) by Raphael on 2017/08/03

Już jutro otworzymy dla Was Trial of the Champion, natomiast 13 września czeka nas wypuszczenie oczekiwanego przez wszystkich contentu Call of Crusade. Wraz z nim do boju ruszą gladiatorzy, którzy rozpoczną sezon Relentless. Pełna rozpiska wypuszczenia nowego contentu: http://bit.ly/2weomKZ (wymagane konto na forum).

Comments (4) by Raphael on 2017/07/31