Bazaar is a place of a closed exchange of Sunwell Coins for Gold (and vice versa). Bazaar doesn’t generate neither Gold nor Sunwell Coins, it merely allows players to exchange them 100% safe.

Prices are regulated by players only. Bazaar NPCs can be found in Dalaran Sewers, Orgrimmar (near the Bank) and Stormwind (near the Stockade).

In-game commands:

1. Selling Sunwell Coins for Gold (max. 3 auctions of this type)

.bazarsc 100 1000 - puts up an auction of 100SC for 1000G

2. Selling Gold for Sunwell Coins (max. 3 auctions of this type)

.bazargold 1000 100 - puts up an auction of 1000G for 100SC

3. Checking your auctions and receiving their ID, that are necessary if you want to delete them.


4. Deleting your auction and getting your Gold/SC back.


5. Buying

If you want to buy an auction, you have to select it when you’re talking with Bazaar NPC.

6. Payment
Once an auction has been sold, the buyer and the seller will immediately have their SC/Gold added (or removed).

Important: the Bazaar has 10% of auction fee (like the Auction House, but the fee is taken immediately by the Bazaar, to make sure that people think twice before they put up their auctions). If you’ll put up 100 Sunwell Coins, additional 10SC will be taken by Bazaar NPC. The same goes with Gold.