1. Report should be named in a way that would identify the problem at the first sight. You have to write what’s the problem about in square brackets (which raid, class, etc.). For example: [Warrior] Bladestorm, [Ulduar - Thorim] Adds deal too much damage, [Warsong Gulch] wrong flag respawn timer.

2. Every bug has to be described thoroughly. “Quest X doesn’t work” is simply not enough. You have to write what exactly is happening and what should happen.

3. Every bug should be reported with the following pattern:

  •     Decription:
  •     How it works:
  •     How it should work:

4. To make things get fixed faster, you should write the steps to reproduce said bug under “Steps to Reproduce”.

5. “Additional Information” section should contain IDs of every spell, item, game objects, etc. You need to add them via link: http://db.darkwizard.pl/. Additionally, you should show here evidences that this is indeed a bug, not an intended action.

6. Every report has to be placed in a right category. ‘Exported’ category is for bugs that were exported from our previous BugTracker, you musn’t use it.

7. Reports that do not meet requirements listed above can be closed without further investigation.