Recruit a Friend

Please watch this tutorial before using Slave Market: (turn on English subtitles):

Recruit a Friend is an invitational system that allows you to increase your gained experience by additional 100% (2x Blizzlike) for free. Everything you have to do is send your friend a link (that can be found inside “RaF System” page in Player’s Panel). When your friend will register through your unique link, your accounts will be linked.

Information about the RaF system:

RaF works all the way up to level 60.

RaF allows you to use “Summon a Friend” function - it has 60 minutes of cooldown and allows linked accounts to summon each other, regardless of where they are.

RaF enables x2 experience boost.

RaF allows your friend to grant you one level every his 2 levels.

To make sure RaF will work, you have to:

Be in one party.

Have each other in friend list.

Be closer than 40 yards to each other. (Doesn’t apply to Summon a Friend)

RaF doesn’t stack with x3 experience boost.