Server Rules

Sunwell Rules


Sunwell is a private World of Warcraft server under the sole control of Sunwell administration, whose decisions are made independently, although the opinion of the community might always be taken into consideration.

Sunwell Terms of Service is the highest act depicting law on the server. In the moment of creating an account, every player obliges to read and apply to the rules. Not knowing the rules doesn’t relieve from consequences resulting in breaking them. Sunwell administration takes care of the server completely for free, not taking any profits out of it. We do it from our passion and for you, and that’s why we ask you to respect our work.


I. General Rules

1. Administration has the right to shut down the server in any moment to perform necessary technical work, although it is obliged to inform the players about it beforehand.

2. Administration NEVER asks the player for account password. Players have to protect their own accounts. Administration is not responsible for losses resulting from account hacking. The only place where you should enter your credentials is and in-game client, if the realmlist is set up correctly.

3. Players must not trade/sell/buy accounts in the game. Administration is not responsible for any losses resulting from being scammed, phished, etc. All the responsibility is being held by the account owner.

Character / account trade advertisments in the game, forums, auction portals can be punished via banning the account permanently.

The only place where it is legal to sell or buy a character is Slave Market. It is forbidden to try to communicate with given character’s owner and the punishment for trying to do so will be 7 days mute; although the Game Master involved with the punishment may contract or extend the punishment if he sees that it is too harsh or mild.

➡ we suggest that every player should make a screenshot of an auction before buying the character;

➡ Slave Market frauds can result in 14-day account suspension and deletion of character that was being used in the fraud. The victim will recieve 100% refund.

4. Players must not trade their gold for real world currencies. The only way to sell or buy gold is the Bazaar, where players can buy gold using Sunwell Coins or sell Sunwell Coins for gold.

5. Administration doesn’t return lost accounts, characters, items, etc. We do not tell information that account owner forgot. We do not change account information of the player ourselves.

6. Administration has the right to delete accounts that were inactive for more than 150 days. If you plan to take a longer break, you have to freeze your account in the Player’s Panel.

7. Players must not use bugs / exploits to take advantages. Players should report every exploit at our BugTracker or forums. Regular punishments involved with bug-using:

 30 days of account suspension - first case of exploiting

 permanent ban - second case of exploiting

Game Master might change the punishment in some situations, given intentional bug using, advantages or dangers resulting from attempting to cheat.

8. Players must not use any software that modify game client and/or faking packets sent to the server, tools that automate any actions (such as bots). Penalties are the same as in point 7.

9. Players must not use quest items / quest mounts to attack other players. Elements of a given quest must be used only to complete that quest. Penalty is individual, although it can not be longer than 7 days.

10. Players must not use Blizzard icons in the chat. Impersonating staff members might result in permanent ban.

11. Players must not play in fixed (outcome is being decided by the players)  arena matches / battlegrounds. Fixing the games is strictly forbidden and might result in:

 14 days of account suspension and exclusion from end-season PvP rewards in the first case of fixing games;

 30 days of account suspensiona nd exclusion from end-season PvP rewards and removal of PvP items in the second case of fixing games

 permanent ban in the third case of fixing games

12. Players must not send C.O.D. mails for gold extortion. Result of that action might be 14 days of account suspension in the first case and 120 days in the second case of that scam.

13. Players should respect and apply to decisions made by the administration and visit the forum and website often, to be up to date.

14. Donating is optional. We are thankful for every donation and we promise to use them to develop our project.

15. Having multiple accounts from the same IP address is not forbidden. We can’t check if a second account is owned by the player’s sister, friend or anybody else. If there is a situation where more than one account from the same IP address broke the rules, all other accounts from the same IP address might be punished.

16. Multiboxing (playing with multiple characters from multiple accounts at once thanks to use external programs) is forbidden and the penalties are the same as in point 12 of the rules.

17. Character nickname must not be vulgar, offensive, racist, shouldn’t be a variation of any staff member’s nickname. Try not to use provocative nicknames, or nicknames that might offend any religion. This rule applies to pets, arena teams, guilds, etc.

➡ having a character name that breaks that rule might result in 24h account suspension and forced character rename

18. Administration doesn’t involve in the gameplay between players directly. You can kill each other, gank, camp as much as you want. We also don’t involve with killing another faction’s NPCs.

19. Invoking knowing of Game Masters / administrators is forbidden and suggesting any makeups with administration might result even in permanent ban.

20. Players must not post any personal information of other players in the game or the forum without the former’s allowance.

➡ punishment is 30 days of mute

21. Administration doesn’t refund any gold, Sunwell Coins, other currencies spent by mistake.

22. We do not condone ninjalooting. After having proof of ninjalooting, player that did steal an item can be punished in following ways:

➡ first case: deletion of stolen item + 7 days account suspension

 second case: deletion of stolen item + 14 days account suspension

 third case: permanent ban

Default loot rules (“everything for roll”) is main spec > offspec > disenchant. 

 Default loot rules apply to every raid leader. If he is to change loot rules, he must inform the party / raid members about that. After that he has to make a screenshot which would show him stating the rules in the chat. The screenshot might be a proof in the case of ninja-looting accusations.

 The administration is not responsible and does not involve in the class loot priority. This decision is up to the Raid Leader. If the player is interested in loot giving aspect, he should ask the Raid Leader about that. If the rules of the raid don't fit you or you feel that you're not fully informed, you don't have to take part in the raid. In summary, we will not take any action if the Druid receives Cloth item, or Warrior gets Bow/Gun/Crossbow before the Hunter does. This is up to the RL.

 Ninjalooting only applies to 10 and 25 man raids (80 level). Ninjalooting at heroic/normal dungeons and raids below 70 level is not a subject of ninjalooting.

23. Using scripts / hacks / other software in PvP (and also PvE) are strictly forbidden. MMR manipulation is also forbidden. Breaking this rule might result in:

➡ arena team deletion

 PvP items deletion

 Arena Points and Honor reset

 in some cases account suspension

24. Even though Sunwell is a server where majority of the playerbase is Polish, discrimination of players not coming from Poland, for example from 5-man dungeons, only because of their they aren't Polish. This is a behavior that directly damages the reputation of Sunwell. We also inform that insulting any player on the grounds of their nationality will be severely punished, along with discriminational behavior. This, of course, concerns behavior of Polish players and international players. All players of Sunwell have equal rights. The punishment for this misbehavior is:

 14 days of account suspension in the first case of misbehavior;

➡ permanent ban in the second case of misbehavior.

II. Game Master (GM) and chat rules

1. Game Master character can be recognized by tag before character name or blue BLIZZ icon on the chat. Player has the right to ask Game Master to prove his legitimacy by teleporting the player to himself.

2. Game Master helps only in situations, where game is not working as intended. Game Masters help you non-profit so it is required to respect their job.

3. Offending Game Masters, Administrators and other Staff members ANYWHERE is forbidden. Do not mistake this with constructive criticism, to what we are open. If a player accuses Game Master not having any evidences, he must deal with consequences resulting from that action.

 Offending staff members can result in a permanent ban.

4. Provoking staff members is forbidden and may result in penalties depending on the circumstances. In some situations the staff has the right to exclude any player from the server if it is necessary for the good of the project.

5. Players must not offend other players. Every case is being investigated individually.

6. Players must not use offensive language on the chat channels, writing racist jokes and other things that might really offend other players. We ask you to be polite. Players can’t also spam. Breaking this rule might result in:

In the case of spam:

➡ 6h mute - spamming with links to items like Dirge, Thunderfury, etc, as the first case.

 24h mute - in the second case of spamming these links in the same day.

 Maximum punishment is 7 days mute or temporary ban on the given chat channel (in some situations even permanent ban). The punishment is being decided individually.

Game Master has the right to decide about the penalty himself and not apply to the penalties listed above.

7. In the case of offensive language, racism, etc.

 6h mute - first case

 48h mute - second case in the same day

 Maximum punishment is 7 days mute or temporary ban on the given chat channel (in some situations even permanent ban). The punishment is being decided individually.

Game Master has the right to decide about the penalty himself and not apply to the penalties listed above.

8. Abusing Channel Owner fuctions can result in penalty that is determined individually.

There are special chat channels that are considered public chats and have their own set of rules:

GLOBAL: this chat channel(dedicated to English-speaking players) is about discussing about anything, asking questions, etc. Trading, looking for groups, guild advertisements and other can result in chat blockade for a player. Offensive language, trolling, etc might result in penalties listed in point 7.

LFG: this chat channel has to be used only in the cases of looking for a group, looking for a member to raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, quests, achievements. Normal chatting, offensiveness, etc might result in penalties listed in point 7.

TRADING: this chat channel is all about selling/buying/exchanging items (linking professions and asking for linking a profession is also considered trading). Other chatting, offensiveness, etc might result in penalties listed in point 7.

GUAR: this chat channel is all about looking/advertising a guild and looking/advertising an arena team. Other chatting, offensiveness, etc might result in penalties listed in point 7.

 If you do not like rules of chat channels listed above, you don’t have to enter that chat channel.  Criticising their rules, boycotting them, provoking GMs and moderators can result in blocking the channel for that players.


.arenainfo - channel that informs about 3v3 and 5v5 teams queued for arena bettles. If you write .arenainfo in the chat you can enable or disable it.

III. Appeals

1. Only Game Master that punished a player can be involved in punishment appeals, although after Game Master’s response isn’t satisfying, the player might ask Administrator to become involved. You cannot appeal after Administrator made his decision.

2. You can appeal only for 7 days after being punished.

3. You cannot appeal if you’ve became punished after using 3rd party software.

IV. Others

In any other issues not covered by the rules, general honesty, morality and common sense applies.

Advertising other servers might result in account suspension to make it easier for him to play on the server he had advertised.

Participating in collective rule breaking might result in the same penalty.

Players must be up to date with the rules. Logging to Sunwell website and to the game means the player had accepted the rules.


Administration reserves the right to change the rules if needed.

 Copyright © Sunwell 2017. All Rights Reserved.