Slave Market

Please watch this tutorial before using Slave Market: (turn on English subtitles)

Slave Market is the ONLY legal place, where players can buy and sell their characters.

After a character gets bought, he receives a free rename. Minimum level of a character that can be sold is 70 and minimal price is 250SC. Every character bought via SM will have his achievements and titles removed, except those awarded for character’s level, professions and quests.


.slavesell [Price] [Mainspec (1, 2, 3)] [Offspec (1,2,3,4)] [Description (max. 125 characters)


It’s very simple - you put up price in Sunwell Coins.


Some of you might wonder what are those numbers for. Let’s take a Rogue for example: 1 is Assassination (first specialization when we look at talent trees), 2 is Combat (the second in talent tree), 3 is Subtlety (the third in talent tree).


The same as mainspec, only 4 is for characters that do not have an offspec.


For a brief summary of a character, might contain maximum of 125 letters.


.slavesell 500 1 3 Great character, great items, must buy!


Before you use Slave Market be sure to read the 3rd point of the Rules.


Slave Market gets commisions of:

Character Price / Fee

0-500 Sunwell Coins / 50G+10SC

501-750 Sunwell Coins / 100G+20SC

751-1000 Sunwell Coins / 150G+30SC

1001+ Sunwell Coins / 200G+40SC

Very important!

If you’ve bought a character from Slave Market you need to wait for server disconnect. That happens because the characters are being force-transferred from account to account and the emulator needs restart before it can steadily make this up.

If your character doesn’t seem to receive in-game mails instantly, can’t receive heirloom items, etc, it might be caused by this issue.