What are Sunwell Coins?

SC, Sunwell Coins that is, are a special currency that is available on Sunwell. You can use them to buy various things that can make your game even more enjoyable. Important: Sunwell Coins can’t be used to buy items or services that would give you an advantage versus a player that doesn’t use SC. Sunwell Coins give you an opportunity to enhance your gameplay, can make you stand out a little and can make you save some time. None of the items or mounts available in the store can be found in the game. Heirlooms are the only exception, but they are here to make the leveling experience a little more forgiving for new players and players that know the path to level 80 through and through.

How to get them?

Every registered player can buy Sunwell Coins. The first option can be found in Player’s Panel, through “Support us” button. You have to choose an option of your interest and then you just follow the instructions. If you do everything right, you will receive Sunwell Coins immediately.  Payments are being operated by, PayPal, SimPay and PaySafeCard.

The service provider is Sunwell Project operator, which owner is B2Bin.IT 

Another way is to buy Sunwell Coins via Bazaar (more information available at Bazaar page).

Priviledges available through Sunwell Coins:

Priviledges are in-game modifications linked directly to an account (they work on every character of a given account). There are two groups of priviledges: passive and active - the latter work via special commands. You can buy priviledges in our Store, which can be found inside Player’s Panel. If you buy a priviledge, which is active on your account at that moment, the priviledge will be extended. After buying a given priviledge, you need to completely log off from your account and then log in.

Exp boost 1 day - passive; you will receive x3 experience for 24 hours.

Exp boost 7 days - passive; you will receive x3 experience for 7 days.

Teleport 7 days - active; allows you to teleport your character to selected locations that are listed below.

For Horde players:

.premium teleport orgrimmar

.premium teleport undercity

.premium teleport silvermoon

.premium teleport thunder

For Alliance players:

.premium teleport stormwind

.premium teleport ironforge

.premium teleport exodar

.premium teleport darnassus

Both factions:

.premium teleport shatt (required 60 level)

.premium teleport dalaran (required 75 level)

.premium teleport gadgetzan (required 40 level)

.premium teleport booty (required 30 level)

No Sickness 7 days - passive; you no longer gain Ressurection Sickness after reviving your character at Spirit Healers

No Durability 7 days - passive; your items no longer gain durability loss.

Instant Flying 7 days - passive; traveling via flight masters is instant.


Character Recustomization - allows you to change the looks, gender and name of your character. After you log into game account, you will see an icon near your character’s name that will bring character customization screen.

Character Rename - allows you to rename your character. Character rename box will come up when you will try to enter the world with a given character.

Character Race Change - allows you to change the race of your character (note: it has to be in the same faction as your former race and you cannot change the race if a race doesn’t support you class, for example Orc Warrior cannot be changed into a Blood Elf). You can also change the looks of your character, gender and name.

Character Faction Change (Currently disabled)- allows you to change your character’s faction (same as race change, but you can choose races from opposing faction).

Before you use Faction Change:

 Your character has to have at least 10 level (60 for Death Knight);

 You cannot be an Arena Team leader. Before changing your faction you must either make someone else a leader or disband your team. If you change faction while being in an Arena Team (as a member), you automatically leave the team.

 You cannot change your faction while having a mail in the mailbox (mails that didn’t yet arrive also count!) or having auctions in the Auction House.

 Elements such as items, achievements, quests, reputation factions, spells and titles might be different for each faction and will be changed to an equal of opposing faction’s ones.

 Conversion of elements that were listed above is a thousand of different rules. We’ve tried our best to cover every single element involved, but we can never be 100% sure. We do not refund or return anything lost due to Faction Change. We ask you to report conversion bugs at our BugTracker.

 Premium Items are also covered by conversion.

 Instance Lockout ID are not being reset.

➡ Using Faction Change bugs to gain unfair advantages will be punished and every said bug should be immediately reported at our BugTracker.

 Other things may, but also may not, work in the same way as on official servers.

 Faction Change means you’ve accepted rules listed above.