Introduction - read this carefully. 

1. The Startbox is meant for the new players only, in the case of cheating, the player will have all his Sunwell accounts banned permanently without the possibility to appeal.

2. The Startbox enables you to retrieve the benefits for the one and only Sunwell character. This is one-time only offer.

3. The Startbox grants the following benefits: 
Usługi premium: No Sickness 7 days, Instant Flying 7 days, No Durability 7 days, Teleport 7 days, Exp Boost X4 7 days; 
Trzy itemy heirlooms (weapons: 2x1H or 1x2H, chest and trinket) – designed for your specialization;
Four bags (16 slot);
50g for the comfortable start; 

4. The Startbox is meant ONLY for the players coming from blizzlike servers; from vanilla to Mists of Pandaria (TauriWoW). 

5. Using the Startbox will have all your characters from your previous server deleted. 

6. The Startbox is meant ONLY for players that already have a character on a different server. 

What you have to do before filling the form: 

➡ Create a Sunwell account; 
➡ Create a 1 level character with the race and class of your liking; 

You can play on this character - the benefits will be added after we approve the form. 


If you are a new player, but you don't get any characters on the other servers, you can still receive welcoming gift as SunwellCoins. Write to us on Facebook to learn more: