The Burning Crusade 2.4.3

The pace of bugfixing will be unconquered in the world of private servers.

November 2018


As Sunwell project, we're a part of private servers environment for about two years. When we were starting our work in November, 2016, we had only one core developer, one web developer, one person responsible for advertisments and only a few trusted Game Masters. Today, Sunwell is a definite project: we have great and harmonious team, optimal technical background and some successes we're responsible for. Angrathar is the first real successful realm since a long time, not counting post Nostalrius scene, Warmane and Twinstar. It was very difficult to protect our work, literally and figuratively, but we did it.

The Burning Crusade is the next stop on the road to our main goal. The next station is Mists of Pandaria expansion. And after that, two more, which will allow us to do something that nobody did before.

The Burning Cursade will bring us back to the next beautiful period of World of Warcraft: to the times where there was no compromise in the context of gameplay difficulty, to the times we're all longing for. The Burning Crusade by Sunwell will be a safe realm with a great outlook and very high quality; it will prove our skills and capabilities as a team.

The players have to be happy. No excuses.

Sunwell Blog

As the first server on the scene of private servers, we have decided to create a blog about more or less important aspects and news from our realms. We'll organize Q&A, contests, we will write about work on the emulator and we'll share some opinions with you - on various subjects. The blog has to be accessible and simple in the context of interaction. We hope you're gonna like it!
Sunwell Blog
We are a project that's operating for 2 years. We're known for maximum transparency and care for the players; we're the only project on the market which created the most effective system of in-game support, which allowed our average ticket response timer to indicate 12 minutes. Stability, transparency, caring for our players, constant growth - that's what we are.
Our choice of HG Core, for many people not related to programming, might look strange: because they were somewhere, they've seen something and they didn't really like it. Is HellGround core terrible? Yes, it is and it requires very deep changes. And we have already made those changes. HG Core was created by two people that are part of our team, they know all its good and bad sides. Familiarity with HellGround Core was the reason why we picked it. We're going to surprise some malcontents.
No, however opinions like that are being pushed on various platforms (such as reddit) by fake accounts, created specially to attack Sunwell. We have never sold gold, characters, max level items. Everything that can be obtained in the shop doesn't impact the gameplay, doesn't give any advantage. We've also managed to create a special way to fight gold sellers, which guarantee safety and stability of economy of our realms.

All the profits made by, for example experience bonus, is being devoted for development of the project and proper technical and in-game support.
Experience rate:
1. 1-55 lvl: x2
2. 56-70 lvl: x1
3. Experience boost in the store: x3 (available to buy after reaching 70 lvl by all class representatives)
Gold rate: x1
Drop rate: x1
Professions rate: x1
Reputation rate: x1
We plan to open our TBC in November.
Beta testing is going to be divided into few parts. We are not going to put everything all at once. Why? We're fully aware that there are people just waiting to find any unfinished features to discredit our work. The next parts of PTR are going to be released gradually, as we need time if we want to be compared 1:1 with our competition that works for a few times longer than we.
Beta testing schedule:

24 September – release of Vanilla dungeons;
1 October – release of T4 TBC;
8 October – release of TBC dungeons;
15 October – opening of Arena for PvP testing;
22 October – release of the whole open world;
29 October – release of Serpentshrine Cavern;
5 November – release of The Eye;

Another reason why we've picked that schedule is the fact that player activity will be focused on these specific areas of the game, which will increase the effectiveness of the testing.

Absolutely no! Sunwell (as far as we know) is the only project with that big amount of full-time, paid, developers. Our team consists of six developers:

Lukaasm – core developer, HG Core author;
Siof – core/security developer, HG Core author;
Anakin – core/content/mechanic developer;
Riztazz – content/mechanic developer;
Afgann – content developer;
Dootz – database developer;

We've proven our quality by rewriting SunwellCore. If anybody saw stock SunwellCore, he knows that it's on the same quality level as HellGround Core.
Yes. The testing realm will use a different account base. It's going to be the same for our TBC realm.
After the tests, yes. We suggest not to do anything besides testing.
We'll share TBC client mirror on our website very soon.
No. TBC realm is going to be dedicated to TBC fans. We're not going to force anyone to move into an expansion they don't like or like less than TBC. We also don't want to belittle the position of Angrathar.
Nope. Only dualboxing without any third party software: you can use alt+tab, nothing more!

We’ll show you the pace of scripting that you have never seen so far!
#2 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Shadowfang Keep
#1 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Wailing Caverns
#3 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Scarlet Monastery Graveyard
#5 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Uldaman
#4 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Scarlet Monastery
#6 Alpha TBC: Vanilla content - Maraudon
Sunwell TBC BETA - The First Stage - Vanilla Content!
#1 TBC Showcase - Anzu The Raven Lord
#2 TBC Showcase - Vanilla Content: HG Core vs Sunwell TBC Core!
#3 Nightbane 2.4.3 Showcase - Chess, Outland and Open World!