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Wintegrasp in:
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Core / Quest | Author: Riztazz

- The Exorcism of Colonel Jules: Quest rewritten. Mobs spawn no longer after quest is done.
  • MrCulé, 2017/11/05

    1st Sunwell Anniversary!

    Happy birthday, Sunwell! We are having our first anniversary soon! That's why we have prepared a lot of fun things to do - happening from 12th to 19th of November! You can win, for example,  Apple Beats EP On-Ear headphones!

    More information about the events and prizes can be found here: - you need to have a forum account!

    Time to have some fun - together!

  • MrCulé, 2017/10/19

    Staff Recruitment is on!

    If you want to join our team feel free to apply! Information that are required in the e-mail:

    ✔ 1. Sunwell nickname; 

    ✔ 2. Your age;

    ✔ 3. Wrath of the Lich King experience;

    ✔ 4. A few words about you;

    ✔ 5. Reason why do you want to join the team;

    ✔ 6. Amount of time you can spend;

    If you are applying as a developer and you get in, you might count on professional references! 

    ✔ Mailbox: [email protected]

    Build one of the biggest private WoW project in Europe with us!

  • MrCulé, 2017/10/18

    Hallow's End!

    Ahoy, community!

    Hallow's End has just begun - it will last till October 31!

    Happy achievement hunting and good luck with the mount!

# Character Race Class Points
Hardware 10050
Pomp 9625
Szpilla 9340
Szelma 9235
Durotôs 9150
# Team Rating Players
IOO PROCENT MMR ABUSER 2614 Gehem Randomdog
English pls 2505 Zypx
niu szit 2502 Dog Brzydula
Biskup i Wojownik 2486 Tlustawiesia Heerai
Where are our items 2460 Craack Sayshara