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Instance / Ulduar | Author: Riztazz
Algalon: loot chest don’t randomize spells.
  • Raphael, 2017/12/16

    Winter Veil

    Winter Veil has just started! Christmas is coming!

    Start: 2017/12/16 at 10:00 AM End: 2018/01/02 at 6:00 AM

    Enjoy your game!

  • Raphael, 2017/11/29

    Change Realmlist!

    Hi dear gamers!

    If you have a problem with connecting to Sunwell, please download and paste this realmlist (GameDirectory\Data\ enUS(enGB)\) : CLICK

    If you have realmlist with the .pl extension, you can skip this news out.



  • MrCulé, 2017/11/05

    1st Sunwell Anniversary!

    Happy birthday, Sunwell! We are having our first anniversary soon! That's why we have prepared a lot of fun things to do - happening from 12th to 19th of November! You can win, for example,  Apple Beats EP On-Ear headphones!

    More information about the events and prizes can be found here: - you need to have a forum account!

    Time to have some fun - together!

# Character Race Class Points
Hardware 10070
Pomp 9655
Szpilla 9380
Szelma 9265
Durotôs 9200
# Team Rating Players
IOO PROCENT MMR ABUSER 2737 Gehem Randomdog
filip i przyjaciele 2661 Vrutél Maestroo
niu szit 2614 Dog Brzydula
Where are our items 2608 Craack Sayshara
English pls 2585 Hagenau Zypx