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    We are pleased to publish the second out of four promo videos that presents the pre-nerf changes of Ulduar. Thanks to collecting key information concerning mechanics we'll be able to create the first such version in the world since retail times.

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# Character Race Class Points
Hardware 10685
Szpilla 10125
Szelma 10100
Boromeister 10045
Pomp 10000
# Character Race Class Kills
Kougra 108495
Forderr 100469
Flay 94343
Delajt 93890
Hydrickle 88838
# Character Race Class Points
Cain 7485
Redvine 6945
Drshen 6790
Valtek 6645
Annihilis 6620
# Character Race Class Kills
Sanay 34555
Revathar 27956
Moonsado 24989
Yasha 21120
Zevgart 18947
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Quick Maths 2001 Nicey Veniujk Riviqu Akolita
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Biuro Ochrony Rata 1511 Surprise Sova Xhendo Holysmoke
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MEAT BLOOD SLAURFF 885 Calem Gylgamess Jessicamelon Xxslayergirl Lucho Konstancja Remzaexd Spazmatism
holy war 525 Honestlie Malphina Zarant Zmeypro Deks Holdfast Bangerz Prostaka Ph Pepe
To The Top 478 Linalool Darkbright Taumaha Glithere Eine


Core | Author: Riztazz

Instance / Ulduar
- Evade code for Freya's Elders.

- Remove unselectable flag on respawn from Boomers XP-500.

- Differentiate Boomers AI before Mimirons tram and after Mimirons tram, they should behave in a different way.

- XT-002 Deconstructor: possible fix for lack of loot.

- Assembly of Iron: Stormcaller Brundir evade fix, rewrite Lightning Tendrils spell.

- Kologarn: throw corpse to proper location when player dies in Right Arm during encounter.

- Kologarn: fix typo in object area handler for Light Arm's Shockwave, gripped players shouldn't get hit by that spell, ever.

- General Vezax: Corrupted Wisdom spell rewritten.

- General Vezax: fix Judgemenets of the Wise talent while under Corrupted Wisdom effect.

- Yogg-Saron: disallow attacking or casting while under Constrictor Tentacle's Squeeze debuff effect.


Core | Author: Afgann

Instance / Icecrown Citadel
- Increase number of attempts to 25 on Icecrown Citadel Heroic mode.

- Implement buff +10% on Icecrown Citadel Heroic mode.


Core | Author: Afgann

Core / Spell
- Distract shouldn't interrupt casts.

- Hand of Protection can't be casted during Blind.


Core | Author: Afgann

Instance / Molten Core
- Hopefully resolve disappearing Majordomo.


Core | Author: Dootz

Core / Quest
- Blessing of Incineratus: AI updated.

- Dragonmaw Race: Captain Skyshatter: npc texts corrected.

- The Chain Gun and You: slightly increase respawn time of Mindless Ghouls.

- Convocation at Zul'Heb: player will get credit even if Harkoa did more than 50% of damage.

- Cold Hearted: prisoners can't be stolen from other players.

- Bloody Breakout: fix Koltira weird respawn position, add immune to daze, almost instant respawn.

- Healing with Roses: drop up to 2 quest items for faction that controls WG.

- Jinxing the Walls: drop up to 2 quest items for faction that controls WG.


Core | Author: Dootz

Core / Event
- Add counter for AT dailies.


Core | Author: Dootz

Core / General
- Reduce drop chance of low level grey items.

- Pathing for Barrens Kodo group.

- Scarlet Captain's AI updated. Based on AzerothCore.


Core | Author: Dootz

Core / Spell
- Orb of Blackwhelp can be cancelled by right click.


Core | Author: Dootz

Instance / Halls of Lightning
- Add globe animation.

- Loken: fixed combat bug after encounter.



Core | Author: Riztazz

Instance / Ulduar
- Boomers XP-500 around Mimiron's chamber won't aggro on players. They now work similar to oozes on Patchwerk's way. They will explode when players cross their way.

- Flame Leviathan: Thorim's Hammer spell shoudn't hit players on parachute after Shutdown is done.

- Flame Leviathan: players can't be launched on Leviathan while he is under the effect of Shutdown.

- Assembly of Iron: Steelbreaker should cast Static Disruption spell way way more often. It won't be casted on farthest player but on random caster player >8y. If there is no caster then he casts it on melee.

- Thorim: credit kill corrected.

- Thorim: priest who is mind-controlling Dark Rune Warbringer should also gain 'Who Needs Bloodlust?' achievement if credit is done. 

- Freya: Ancient Water Spirit's Tidal Wave spell will be casted on random player instead of player who's tanking him.

- Freya: Ancient Water Spirit is stunnable.

- Freya: shrooms will last for 25 seconds.

- Yogg-Saron: Squeezed people are immune to Death Ray spell damage.

- Yogg-Saron: 0k mode requirements corrected.


Core | Author: Riztazz

Core / Spell
- +3% damage auras won't stack anymore.


Core | Author: Riztazz

Instance / Naxxramas
- Orb of Naxxramas allows to go to Sapphiron without killing entire instance on 10 man mode.